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Introducing Alex

Hi, I'm Alex! Although born in Amsterdam I've lived in the lovely green valleys of Wales for quite some time.

They say that Wales is 'the land of song' which is probably explains why I have had a fascination with music from a very early age. Once I enrolled in the teacher's training programme I found that I could combine my love for music with the passion which I have for languages.

This is why, for the last five years, I have been teaching at a school for upcoming
artists. The shared love of art (be it theatre, dance or music) definitely creates a classroom environment in which I not only teach the students, but I in turn can also learn from them.

Currently I'm doing my Master's research into film trailers in combination with critical thinking and am considering a PhD. Apart from teaching I love reading books (mostly on History and Philosophy), playing music and taking walks in the centre of Amsterdam. 

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