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My family background is truly European, with roots in the Netherlands, Ireland, Denmark, and Germany.

I was born in London and educated to university level in the UK. I have worked in education throughout my career, teaching in elementary school, secondary schools, language institutes and universities in England, Italy, Spain and the Netherlands. More recently, I was Section Head of English in the Language Center of the University of Groningen and a subject English teacher in a bilingual elementary school. Since 2015 I have been a freelance English trainer, coach and consultant.

Studying a foreign language is both a challenge and an opportunity. As a motivated and passionate language teacher, I am aware of the increasing presence of English as an international lingua franca in business and academic life. More importantly, learning English should be relevant and above all fun. I do not teach according to a set formula; I design my courses to be customized according to the needs of the client. I offer opportunities and challenges for my students so that they can develop their English skills in a way that suits their needs. If I were to describe one of my workshops in five words, I would use the following: personal, modern, enthusiastic, businesslike, FUN.

Introducing Marcus

“learning English
should be relevant
and above all fun”


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algemene voorwaarden cursus engels

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