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Cambridge Crash Course

Key Facts


Cambridge Crash Course


C1 - C2

lengte cursus

1 dag (09:00 - 17:00)


8 uur


8 uur


€ 220,00
(lunch € 12,50; optioneel)
(exclusief examenkosten)


4 -8



Op vind je uitgebreide informatie over de Cambridge examens, en kun je je aanmelden voor alle Cambridge examens.

Cambridge examens

Cambridge examentraining
authorised Cambridge exam centre

Who is this course for?
This course is intended for students preparing for the C1 Advanced or C2 Proficiency Cambridge exam, especially if you prepare through self-study and/or want to give an extra boost to your preparation.

Course goals/learning outcome
To increase confidence in your preparation and to successfully take the Cambridge exam.
To know exactly what to expect on Exam Day with regard to exam conditions and the structure of the specific parts of the exam.
To develop an understanding of strategies for dealing with time planning, time pressure, and time awareness during the exam.

What does the day look like?
Doing mock exams and receiving feedback and tips are central to this course. Mock tests can be seen as practice for future exams. The mock tests help you to increase your self-confidence and show you where you might lack the appropriate language skills and/or understanding of the Cambridge exam process.

Besides that, we simulate exam conditions as closely as possible.

You will not only be made aware of the structure and tasks of the Cambridge exam, but in addition, you will also get a lot of tips and learn how to use strategies that will benefit you during the exam, including how to deal with time planning, time pressure, and time awareness.

Obviously, all parts of the Cambridge exam are covered, in the same order as the exam (Reading/Use of English, Writing, Listening, Speaking).
Emphasis will be on Writing and Speaking. These are the parts that are more difficult to practice through self-study. The personal feedback from the teacher can be valuable as it gives you insight into whether you are able to take the exam at the correct level (C1 / C2).

We treat each part of the exam as follows:

  • What does it test?
  • Tips for the exam.
  • The parts of the exam
  • Mock exam.
  • Discussion and questions.

Mock exams.
As said, mock exams are central to this course. Spread over the day, and in the order of the exam, you will practice all parts of the exam.

  • reading/use of English: you will practice an exam on the laptop (BYOD*). The exam testing software immediately provides a score and feedback; these will be discussed afterward.
  • writing: you will practice the different writing assignments on the laptop, and get feedback from the teacher.
  • listening: you will practice an exam on the laptop. The exam testing software immediately provides a score and feedback.; these will be discussed afterward.
  • speaking: similar to the exam, you will practice the speaking part in pairs (or threes). An authorized Cambridge Speaking Examiner will review and provide immediate feedback.

Partly due to the small size of the group (min. 4 - max. 8), there is plenty of room for personal attention, so that participants can receive personal tips on specific points of interest.

Relaxed atmosphere
It is going to be an intensive study day, but we strive to maintain a relaxed atmosphere, as we are used to doing as an exam center.
Our characteristic canal-view office is calming and inspiring in itself, but of course, there will also be sufficient breaks and during lunchtime, you can choose to either have lunch at our office (bring your own sandwiches or provided by us) or take a walk in the beautiful center of Zwolle.

Terms and Conditions
You are registered once we have received your registration and the course fee.

* we are going to practice the computer-based exam, so please bring your own laptop computer, and headphone. BYOD = Bring Your Own Device.


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